Local Hard Seltzer Alert-Hinny is Here

Yes. True Brew is a “Craft Beer Lifestyle Magazine,” and we love craft beer. Yes, we are here to shed light on and support the emerging craft beer scene here in the Capital Region.  And, YES, we do at times enjoy other non-beer drinks. I personally love a couple of fingers of whiskey after a hard day’s work, an occasional hard cider, and/or a hard seltzer depending on what kind of night it is going to be. That said, when I do reach for a beverage that is not a beer, I still look to support locally produced purveyors.

Let’s face it, many of our favorite local breweries have their own hard seltzer on tap and offer Nine Pin Cider either on draft or in cans. Even the biggest of us beer-nerds need to give our bellies a break from craft beer from time to time. Now, there is a locally produced hard seltzer that is popping up in local bars and beverage centers. Introducing Hinny Hard Seltzer!

Hinny Hard Seltzer was created by real people for real people. No gimmicks. Based right in our back yard in Colonie NY, their recipes are produced at FX Matts in Utica, and are widely distributed here in the Capital Region. Each of their hard seltzers are tried and true. Hinny uses only the finest all-natural ingredients to create a kick-ass hard seltzer you’ll be sure to prefer.

Tim Nickels , Founder, Hinny Hard Seltzer

A Hero's Backstory

The founder of Hinny Hard Seltzer, Timothy Nickels, is not afraid of a little hard work and he is also not one to settle for less than he deserves. It’s these traits that allowed him to turn his vision of creating a better hard seltzer into a reality. He’s a good guy that was looking to make a good hard seltzer, it’s as simple as that.

Nickels, a former US Army Captain and NYPD police officer, retired in 2002 after a military career spanning 1975 to 2002, including active duty from 1975 to 1978 and US Army Reserves service from 1980 to 2002. His dedication to duty was evident during the 9/11 attacks, where he spent nearly 400 hours on duty at the World Trade Center post-9/11, embodying the spirit of service and resilience.

With these attributes, combined with being a bit of a visionary entrepreneur, Nickels is no stranger to the world of business. As the former owner and CFO of DNT Express, a delivery and warehouse operation for wine and spirits, he oversaw operations spanning 4,000 retail stores across two locations in Menands and Clyde, NY. His leadership and strategic vision propelled DNT Express to success before its sale in December 2020.

The Birth of Hinny Hard Seltzer

In January 2021, Nickels’ journey took a new turn as he founded Hinny Hard Seltzer. His commitment to quality and innovation quickly made Hinny a standout in the industry. Just two years later, Hinny made its mark by winning 3 Awards at the prestigious 2023 NYC Seltzerland Event, surpassing renowned brands like Happy Dad and Nutrl.

“We’re elated to share that we’ve secured not just one, but three remarkable first place awards at the prestigious Seltzerland Festival,” Tim tells us. “Our dedication to crafting the finest hard seltzers has been recognized, and we’re honored to stand out among the crowd. These awards inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of flavor and quality, ensuring every sip of Hinny Hard Seltzer is a celebration. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to set the standard in the world of refreshingly crisp and vibrant seltzers.”

Hinny Hard Seltzer is now available in more than 90 locations, including retailers, bars and restaurants, across upstate New York. The company said that the number is rapidly growing.

Hinny, which is being sold as a variety 12-pack at retail locations, comes now in four flavors, including blueberry mint, bourbon-flavored, cranberry and black cherry. Summer flavors, including grape and pink grapefruit, will be introduced in the coming weeks.

Blueberry Mint – Light, refreshing, and just the right amount of fresh blueberry sweetness.

 Bourbon Flavored – Need we say more? This sophisticated bourbon-flavored blend will have you begging for more.

 Cranberry – Full of tart and sweet cranberry goodness. This seltzer is sure to make your taste buds dance

 Black Cherry – All the juicy cherry flavor you love, but without the pits!

Hinny Hard Seltzer is a veteran-owned business dedicated to producing seltzers in bold and distinct flavors. For information regarding sales, distribution, contact Tim Nickels, [email protected].  Hinny Hard Seltzer at hinnyhardseltzer.com

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