Follow (Some) of the Rules

Beer can be divided into two main groups: ales and lagers. Ale, the original beer, is brewed in a way that results in earthy and fruity flavors. Lagers tend to be lighter and drier. Each type of beer, and the styles that represent them, has a distinctly different flavor that pairs well with certain foods. … Read more

Cooking Tips for the Chef

Have fun with it. Keep it simple, don’t over think it. If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong. This is beer! The best part of trial and error…is the trial. Keep practicing! Look to gain an understanding of malt flavor profiles that different beer styles offer. Beer IS, in fact, food. The malt character, … Read more

Finding the Perfect Balance

Because beer is, in fact, food, and because beer offers such a wide array of aromas and flavor, it allows for the perfect pairing to fully enhance your dining experience. Understanding exactly how the flavors and aromas of your beer can bring your meal to another level is actually quite simple and fun. When pairing … Read more

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