Roughly Refined™: A New Brew for Paradox Brewery

By Trampoline Design & Marketing Co. Paradox Brewery, an independent, veteran-owned craft brewery, specializes in brewing innovative beer out of its state-of-the-art facility in the mountains of the Adirondacks. Utilizing the naturally-filtered water flowing through the granite below the brewery, the beers are clean, crisp, smooth, and, no matter your preferred style, highly drinkable and … Read more

12 Questions with Two Talented Brewers from SUNY Schenectady’s Craft Beer Brewing Program

Alumnus at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and student at Speckled Pig Brewing Company share how learning the science behind brewing, hands-on experience prepared them for the industry. Equally as exciting and satisfying as trying a new beer for the first time and quickly discovering it’s now in your list of favorites is “talking beer” with … Read more

Christmas in July

Mead and Meat, Wine and Whiskey, Beer and Bands Jesse Sommer, founder of Albany County-based New Scotland Spirits, is no stranger to the pages of True Brew Magazine.  That’s no accident.  As part of a deliberate strategy to generate awareness for his company’s products, Jesse has postured his company to participate in any (every) event … Read more


By James Peterson In early March, just as Schenectady Distilling Company founder Ken Gibbons set about inventorying the dozens of whiskey-filled white oak barrels at his facility, he was struck by the potential of his aging warehouse occupants. “I had all these barrels from a bunch of different distilleries, with varying age statements, each reflecting … Read more

Hands-on Learning Is Key for Craft Beer Brewing, Craft Spirit Distillation, Culinary Arts, Aviation and More at SUNY Schenectady

Lynn Doyle, Assistant Brewer at Unified Beerworks Brewery and Taproom in Malta, reflects on the courses she has taken in the Craft Beer Brewing and Craft Spirit Distillation degree programs at SUNY Schenectady, and she is quick to point out that learning the fundamentals of brewing and distilling was just as important as the hands-on production work.

Capital Region Beer Enthusiasts Excited by Price Chopper/Market 32 Spring Selection

With Superbowl Sunday now upon us, and Springtime just around the corner, Capital Region residents are excited to be hosting parties and looking forward to the days where we can fire back up the grill.  And while Price Chopper & Market 32 have been long known to have all a superior meat department, fresh, locally-grown produce, and … Read more

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