Pink Boots Society – Celebrates Women in the Beer Industry

A collaboration hop blend simply means that multiple breweries use the same blend of hops in their beer, regardless of style. This creates a sense of solidarity among breweries and showcases the different beer styles that can be produced. The Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day™ unifies chapters from all over the world. Over 200 USA and worldwide chapters committed to brewing with the same hop blend this year. Yakima Chief Hops produces this proprietary blend and generously donates for every pound sold to the Pink Boots Society. Additionally, breweries and taprooms donate a flat rate or percentage of beer sales and merchandise, which helps in furthering women in the beer and fermented beverage categories.

This year, the brew days will look a little different than in the past though. Depending on state and local guidelines, breweries are limiting the brew day to staff only or a limited number of participants, or holding off until a later date, to provide a safe environment. What used to be a community event, where people hung out all day together, learned to brew, and networked has become a reduced version of how the day should be celebrated.

Beer releases and tap takeovers won’t be attended as they have in the past, and many scaled back the amount they brewed compared to previous years.

Breweries, organizations, competitions, events, festivals, homebrew clubs have made adjustments. All have had challenges that weren’t anticipated a year ago, and adaptions are constantly being made. The long-running Queen of Beer competition was canceled for 2020, the Beer With(out) Beards festival went virtual, and Craft Beer Professionals has been instrumental in keeping the beer community together.

Speaking of overcoming challenges, Company Brewing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hasn’t opened back up to the public yet. But they were still committed to a Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day™ and included Stephanie Smith, the Wisconsin PBS Chapter Leader. She was able to help make their Weird Turn Pro 5 Double Dry-Hopped Hazy Double PBS Collaboration Beer which will be canned and distributed locally.

Other breweries decided to begin early based on the type of beer style being produced, or what worked into their schedules. Flatland Brewing Company in Northern California will be producing a lager that was brewed on February 3rd to be released on March 6th for International Women’s Day.

When asked why they are involved in Pink Boots Society, co-owner and events manager Michelle Mohsenzadegan said, “We participate in the Collaboration Brew Days because being 50% of a woman-owned beer business with my husband is something we are proud of. We want to normalize that across the industry. The Pink Boots Society is

a great way to bring awareness, acceptance, education, and participation to not only women in the industry but to all. It is exciting for us as a brewery to invite others into our space that wouldn’t normally get to see how the brewing process takes place. Whether it is the front of the house, outside sales, marketing, events, we are all an integral part of what makes this industry go around. It is our third year participating over the last 4 years that I’ve been a member, and I look forward to so many more to come!”

There are stories like this all over the world. People and companies are determined to take on setbacks and find solutions by not giving up. Countless women aren’t afraid to step up and face the challenges set in front of them. The landscape of women in the beer industry has been changing for a while. Whether it is the customer base that shows up, the people who make and sell the beer, or the ones who own the brewery, women are an integral part of

the brewing community now, more than ever. Let’s always choose to challenge, not just in March, but every month and every situation, where necessary!

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Bio: Rebecca Wilkie is a beverage industry veteran and spends her free time blogging about beer, wine, food, adventures, and fun at Sip Savor Smile. As a beverage marketer, strategist, and event manager, she is a behind-the-scenes advice giver for numerous drinks businesses to execute creative ideas and gain customers. Writing, amateur beer judging, and travel occasionally get in the way of work.


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