Beer Style of the Month: Munich Dunkel

STYLE: Munich Dunkel ORIGIN: Munich, Germany 1830 HISTORY: The classic brown lager style of Munich which developed as a darker, more malt-accented beer than other regional lagers. While originating in Munich, the style became popular throughout Bavaria (especially Franconia). Franconian versions are often darker and more bitter. APPEARANCE: Medium amber to dark brown, often with a … Read more

Beer Style of the Month: Marzen Lager

ORIGIN: Munich, Germany 1841ish HISTORY: Brewed in March as a stronger “March beer” and lagered in cold caves over the summer. Modern versions trace back to the lager developed by Spaten in 1841, contemporaneous to the development of Vienna lager. The German amber lager version (in the Viennese style of the time) was first served at Oktoberfest … Read more

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