The Art of Canning a Beer

Beer, one of the world’s oldest and most popular beverages, is much like music and fine art. It is subjective. What is appealing to one person may be appalling to another. And as the craft beer revolution in America continues, many craft brewers are utilizing their cans as a canvas for more than just listing … Read more

Follow (Some) of the Rules

Beer can be divided into two main groups: ales and lagers. Ale, the original beer, is brewed in a way that results in earthy and fruity flavors. Lagers tend to be lighter and drier. Each type of beer, and the styles that represent them, has a distinctly different flavor that pairs well with certain foods. … Read more

Cooking Tips for the Chef

Have fun with it. Keep it simple, don’t over think it. If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong. This is beer! The best part of trial and error…is the trial. Keep practicing! Look to gain an understanding of malt flavor profiles that different beer styles offer. Beer IS, in fact, food. The malt character, … Read more

Finding the Perfect Balance

Because beer is, in fact, food, and because beer offers such a wide array of aromas and flavor, it allows for the perfect pairing to fully enhance your dining experience. Understanding exactly how the flavors and aromas of your beer can bring your meal to another level is actually quite simple and fun. When pairing … Read more

Beer Style of the Month: English IPA

Origin: London, England: 1780ish History: IPA’s evolved from English October/Pale Ales that were shipped to India for the British Troops. These soldiers were given a ration of a gallon of ale per day! Sadly, these pale ales struggled on the long overseas journey from London, souring in the heat on their weeks long trip as they rounded … Read more

Beer Style of the Month: Dry Irish Stout

Origin: Dublin, Ireland: Late 1800ish History: Dry Irish Stouts evolved from attempts to capitalize on the success of London porters, and reflected a fuller, creamier, more “stout” body and strength. Irish stout diverged from London Porter in the late 1800s, with an emphasis on darker malts. Guinness was among the first breweries to use black … Read more

Beer Style of the Month: Belgian Witbier

Origin: Belgium, 17th Century History: This 400-year-old Belgian beer style sort of died out in the 1950. Thankfully, it was later revived by Pierre Celis at Hoegaarden, and has grown steadily in popularity over time, both with modern craft brewers (your favorite local) and mass-market producers (Blue Moon) Appearance: Pale straw to noticeably light gold in … Read more

Draft Beer’s Dirty Little Secret

It’s happened to most of us. You stroll into a restaurant or tavern, cozy up to the bar, and order a draft beer. You’ve worked our butt off all day and can’t wait to take that first sip. The bartender serves up a sexy pint of suds. You raise your glass to your lips and then, right before the … Read more

Pink Boots Society – Celebrates Women in the Beer Industry

A collaboration hop blend simply means that multiple breweries use the same blend of hops in their beer, regardless of style. This creates a sense of solidarity among breweries and showcases the different beer styles that can be produced. The Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day™ unifies chapters from all over the world. Over 200 … Read more

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